Loving God Growing Together



One minute towards the doom in Iraq
They were awakened by the noise of the boots of the Crook
Namely red and black fascists
Who-on the contrary to The New Mesopotamians- hate nitches!
Great Raymond knew from the beginning of The Iraq War
That the enemies of the USA and its allies were
The enemies of Democracy as well
While are ringing the doom’s bell,
While the assassins
Would symbolize the body of all sins
Who had also intended to assassinate the Kurds that have been
Praying and thinking freely…
After the Saddam’s regime has been done away with by the
God’s Great Servants like General ODIERNO
That opened the windows of freedom in thinking and praying to
All living bodies in The Middle-East
To all men in the street!
The Pro-West Kurdish Muslims to survive for ever
Were just at the brink of a time calling for the doctor,
Came ODIERNO having had his rescuing sword
To cut the bars that imprisoned liberties one after the other in an accord!

The fascists left their attitudes to harass The Northern Iraq,
And, following the instructions of God’s servant not using sword yet only the sack
Suddenly fled behind the heaps of dung…
He pulled out from his helmet his identification quality
Presented it gingerly to black and red fascists, who quitted enmity
On the spot!
Great General Raymond standing at the head of his army held the liberty’s light.
In modesty had never turned his back to humanitarian style.
He helped immediately over problem induced points always in a while!
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